Why You Must Write Original and Fresh Content

Recently in one of the Telegram channels of which I am a regular contributor, there was a robust discussion about original content and how important it is.

I’m currently in the midst of re-tooling my auto-responder, so I have many emails I need to rewrite, and new material to write as well.

At first I was tempted to purchase an email series from one of the online sources I’d researched.

While this would have solved my problem of having plenty of content for my auto-responder, it would not have been my work or written in my style … IE: my voice.

If you’re going to succeed in this business, you MUST have your own unique voice.

I’ve boiled it down to these three points:

You Must Build Your Own Voice.

Of the email subscriptions that I regularly read online, it’s the ones that are unique that I enjoy the most. I look forward to reading emails from some of my favorite marketers.

Why? Partially because I know their content will be unique.

I only have 1,440 minutes per day just like you. I would rather spend my time reading something that’s not hackneyed or copied from someone else. What I want is original and fresh ideas to help me grow my business.

I’ve seen people who will copy\paste swipe file emails and use that as their entire auto-responder.

OK, I’ll admit that I did that myself recently with an auto-responder I was using. The program I was using recommended that I use their preexisting emails to promote their product. My click through rate on those copied emails was almost zero. I’ll cover why this cheapens your brand below.

In any case, you must build your own voice. People was something unique, whether they are being entertained or reading for education purposes. A fresh unique voice wins.

By writing your own emails, your subscribers are going to be yours and you’ll experience a greater open rate and click through rate.

Your Unique Content Helps Build a Relationship.

Want proof?

Many of you reading this have seen my unique dad joke videos that I make with my son. I receive Facebook messages almost every day from people encouraging me to make more videos or to ask when the next one is coming out.

That’s because they’ve begun to build a relationship with me.

The same thing occurs with emails. By writing and using your own voice your subscribers are beginning to know who you are and what you are about.

Remember: People buy from those online that they know, like, and trust.

If that’s true, then why would you resort to use a bunch of swipe emails in an autoresponder?

How will your subscribers get to know the real YOU if they are reading copied emails that another marketer wrote?

The truth is they won’t.

You aren’t building up trust with your subscribers with copied emails.

Ask yourself this: what would happen if someone was reading your emails from your auto-responder, and they sign up to another list and receive the SAME emails? How do you think the subscriber is going to feel about either list?

I know how I’ve felt when I’ve seen the same email from multiple ‘authors’. I felt frustrated and slightly ripped off.

Once I realized that the emails I was reading weren’t original, I wondered how many other marketers used the same emails. I’ve even taken the subject like or a unique line from an email and searched in Google to see if I could find it in multiple places.

I’ve even found the site before where the swipe file of emails was located. How do you think I felt about both of the authors that had sent me the same email?

I unsubscribed.

Why bother reading their copy\paste emails any longer? If your subscribers get a whiff that you’re doing that, they may do the same.

That’s because by using an email swipe file, you’re really not building a relationship with your subscribers. They are not discovering the real ‘you’.

You Cheapen Your Brand with Copied Content.

Sure, it’s a ‘turn key’ or ‘done for you’ system that provides you with a group of autoresponder messages.

However, how do you know if they will work? You are trusting that these emails are going to work for you because they worked for others (theoretically).

In essence though, you are hoping for a one time sale. Yeah, that’s right. That’s what I believe.

If you aren’t willing to commit to writing your own emails for your list, then why should people read what you’re publishing?

You’ve cheapened your brand.

Your content is copied.

It’s not original.

Therefore why would you expect that your subscriber feels like you are building a relationship?

They won’t, because you aren’t building a relationship.

You’re sending them copies of a marketing message someone else wrote in the hopes you will make a sale.

Do you really CARE about your subscriber if you are doing that, or do you just care that their money becomes your money? Ouch!

I should say that it IS ok to send a swipe email or two, and preface it by saying something like: “Dear Subscriber, I wanted to tell you about XYZ product, and here’s a glowing email written by the makers of the product.” Then finish with the swipe file email.

When you regularly write your own emails, you can occasionally use something like that as a ‘full page ad’.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Write Well?

Ahhh! So that’s a different question. And can be solved in many ways.

Perhaps you don’t have a great command of the English language, or don’t write well.

Fair enough.

If that’s the case and you really care about your subscribers, there’s two ways you can overcome this.

Two Ways To Overcome the Inability To Write

A) Ask a close friend who is a good writer to go over what you’ve written and give you advice or help you rewrite them.

You may know someone who is a great writer who could give you pointers. Ask for their opinion and then educate yourself. Learn how to write better.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to be a good writer, there’s another option.

B) Hire someone to take your poorly written emails and make them better.

You can always find someone on Fiverr who would be willing to write your auto-responder emails for you. I’ve also included my info below since I write follow up and auto-responder series for my clients as well. 🙂

Original Content Wins.

In summary, it’s original content that wins. Sure, you can copy the ‘success’ of others and use their swipe file emails. Just remember that by doing so you are short-changing yourself and your subscribers. They aren’t getting fresh material and you’re not taking advantage of the opportunity to improve your writing skills.

Start writing in your own voice. It wins. 🙂

Peace and Love,


P.S. If you need help with getting some emails written, reach out to me using this form I created specifically for clients to request assistance. I’ll be glad to assist you with your email writing.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Must Write Original and Fresh Content”

  1. Thanks for the the article.

    This has happened to me. I knew where the
    original email came from, and then I got the
    exact same email from another marketer.
    I just laughed it off, but don’t remember if I unsubscribed.

    I love writing! I’ll share a tip that you didn’t mention…

    When I get an email that I like, I’ll use bits and pieces
    of it and add my flare to it. I personalize it.

    A lot of times, though, it inspires me, and I wind up
    nixing the whole email with my own content. 😀

    I didn’t realize how much I liked writing until
    I got into internet marketing.


    • Thanks for the tip. I have kept a copy\paste file before where I would copy and paste parts of emails I like into my text file and then use them later. 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment.



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