Why Being The Tortoise is Better Than the Hare

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For the past several weeks I have been working on the emails for my autoresponder\mailing list. I’ve tracked my results, worked on improving my content, and tried to grow my email list into something worthwhile – making it better day by day.

Each day by tracking and analyzing what works, I’ve been able to ‘tweak’ my efforts and make my autoresponder into the best I can make it.

Here’s a few items I’ve learned while working to improve my mailing list. I hope these tips are something you can apply to your own efforts to grow an online business.

Here we go!

It’s a marathon not a sprint. (AKA Be the tortoise.)

In the online marketing business people have a misconception that they are going to log in and just start making a ton of money. This is partially due to marketers that promote the idea that you can instantly make a full-time income without any effort or start-up funds.

Traffic exchanges and mailers are full of ads for products or services that falsely promote instant riches.

I hate to tell you, but this isn’t the case.

If you’re going to earn money online, you need to decide that you are in it for the long haul.

There’s no sprinting. It’s truly a marathon.

This means you need to adjust your concept of earning online and be more like the tortoise than the hare. ‘Tortoise’ thinking involves planning for long-term goals, breaking these goals into small bite-size chunks, and working on these items each day.

When you work on something long term, something magical happens: there’s a long term ‘feel’ that people case see in your business.

Visitors begin to see the long term nature of your business…. that YOU have tenacity. There’s nothing that you can do to ‘fake’ the long-term nature of your business. This only happens by working on your long-term goals day after day.

When this happens, you begin establishing yourself as an expert in your field, and your visitors take notice. You begin reaching your goals.

To build a successful online business, you must be consistent.

I recently read a book called “Consistency is The New Currency” by George Campbell and Jim Packard.

Lisa Gentile (@lisamgentile1961) recommended this to me, and I read it cover to cover the first day it arrived.

It’s not a long read, but it’s full of some great principles. What’s taught in the book resonated with me.

The concepts weren’t ‘magical’ or extraordinary. Instead, ordinary people achieve extraordinary things by learning a few basic methods to overcome the difficulties of long term consistent effort toward a goal. I highly recommend it.

The idea of consistency is something that seems almost antiquated or quaint today, yet it’s what works.

I picked up one primary idea from the book that I’ve put into practice. It’s called ‘Don’t break the chain’, and this is how it works:

Obtain a calendar and a pen. Decide on one item that you are going to work on every day.

Don’t worry about tomorrow or next week. Instead, just try to do your task for the current day.

When you complete you goal for the day, place an ‘X’ on the calendar for the day. The next day do the same thing. The day after that do it again. You get the idea.

The goal is to build a long ‘chain’ of Xs on the calendar, which represents daily effort every single day toward your goal.

Then, you just keep going and you DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN. In other words, keep doing this day after day.

There’s something about this process that intrigues me, so I tried it.

As of today, I’ve worked on my autoresponder (one of my goals) for 18 straight days in a row for a minimum of 25 minutes per day.

This ‘chain’ concept works for me, and I imagine it will work for you as well. This leads to my last point:

You must adapt to what works.

I covered this recently in another article, but because this is such a critical idea in business, I want to cover it again:

Adaptability is critical.

If you’re not willing to adapt your strategy, you might get stuck with something that you HOPE will work, but realistically just won’t.

I discussed this in the concept of advertising prior, but the same thought also applies to so many parts of the business world.

I’m not asking you to change your business completely. Instead I am asking you to make small adjustments to what you do to make sure that you’re on the right trajectory.

I recently read another book, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. In it there’s a great analogy of what happens when you are even off track just a small amount.

Assume that you’re a pilot and must fly from Los Angeles to New York and you can’t change trajectory once you leave the ground.

That’s how many people approach business. They rush forward with an idea, and think it MUST be the only way they will succeed.

If a pilot were to leave LA and be off by just one degree to the right or the left in their trajectory, they’d be off track by 100 miles by the time they reached the East Coast.

That’s not even close to the goal of New York, and all because of being off my 1 degree.

Yet it doesn’t have to end that way.

If you are able to adjust what you do once you leave the ground (even by such a small amount), you’d be able to set your sights on the goal (New York) and adjust your trajectory along the way so that you’d definitely land exactly in the right spot at your destination.


This is only possible if you are able to assess where you are at, and BE adaptible.

You’ve still got the same goal (flying from LA to New York), but this time you adjust as needed to hit your goal.

The Takeaway: Apply This to Your Online Business.

Just because you started in a specific direction doesn’t mean it’s going to take you to the destination without making some adjustments.

Be adaptible, and make the necessary changes so you can reach your business goal.

The goal hasn’t changed. Only your trajectory.

By being flexible and assessing what you’re trajectory is, you’re much more likely to reach your destination\goal.

I encourage you to self-assess your business and where you’re headed.

As you can see, being the tortoise takes effort:

  • You apply yourself daily toward your goals.
  • You don’t rush. It’s a marathon not a sprint, remember?
  • If you notice you’re not headed in the right direction, adjust what you do.

That’s what winning looks like.

If you need assistance with this, such as an impartial outside observer, let me know by using this form. I’ll be glad to assess your business, goals, and plans and assist however I can to help you reach your long-term business goals.

Peace and Love,


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Their new site fills a much-needed gap: encouraging people who want to succeed and giving them simple steps to follow for 30 days.

I highly recommend Plus1Success.

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