Traffic Resources Leverage Fire-Pay

Screenshot of the Fire-Pay interface while upgrading at Cup of Traffic. Neat!

We all need more traffic to our website or offer, right? Not to fret!

I’ve created a list of traffic exchanges, mailers, and other resources where Fire-Pay can be used to make payment.

This rocks since Fire-Pay allows you to pay with a myriad of crypto-currencies, such as:

  • CTP Token <— This is the one I’m interested in. 🙂
  • BitCoin & Bitcoin Cash
  • LiteCoin
  • Binance Coin
  • EOS

I’ve arranged the list of businesses where Fire-Pay is used into four main categories: My Recommendations, Traffic Exchanges, Mailers\Safelists, and other Resources.

Here’s my list.

My Recommendations

This is probably the one site out of all of them that I use more than any other. It’s some of the best training around on how to grow a successful online business.

These guys cover all of the basics in an easy to use training format, largely video. You watch videos on how to accomplish a task, then there’s a checklist under each video that’s adaptive and only lets you continue when the task is done. That way you’re forced to go through specific modules in a linear format, learning as you go. A+.

CTP uses gamification, top-notch videos, and interaction between members to teach solid methods on how to grow your business online.

Cup of Traffic

I upgraded Cup of Traffic and enjoy surfing Russell’s exchange. He’s a knowledgeable man, and quite friendly. Worth chatting with him if you get the chance.

TrafficLeads2Income Virtual Mailer

Rob Gehring is the owner of the Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer, and based on my own experience, this is one responsive mailer.

Highly recommended.

Rob is a stand-up guy, and I would definitely recommend this resource. I regularly use his viral mailer and recommend it as one of my main resources elsewhere in my blog.

List Nerds

This mailer (owned by Jon and Blain – the two folks behind Click Track Profit) is a great one.

I’ve sent several mails via List Nerds and I really enjoy the clean interface.

Elite Downline Builder (EDB)

Elite Downline Builder is owned and run by my friend David Hurley, and this is a great program to join so that you have one place to use and promote all 5 programs at the same time. Highly recommended!

It also includes a Traffic exchange, and other ways to earn ad credits.

Boot Scootin’ Traffic

I recently joined this exchange. It’s a manual exchange like all the others I join.

The owner is quite friendly, and I’ve noticed this exchange is rather active. Plus, they manually approve all website entries, so you know that the other sites in rotation aren’t garbage.

Traffic Exchanges Using Fire-Pay

These traffic exchanges allow you to buy credits and upgrades using Fire-Pay. Nice!

I’ve used this process myself and it’s one of the reasons why I really like Fire-Pay.

I’ve largely listed these in alphabetical order, and put a couple of my favorites near the top of the list. 🙂

SeaLife Traffic

I’ve received good traffic from this one.

Tornado Traffic

I have an upgrade in this exchange as well. Friendly owner.

Breeder Hitz

Deep Adbyss Traffic

Free Ad Swap

I haven’t received a ton of hits yet, per my tracker, but their site has a nice clean layout.

High Class Hits

Hit Funnel

Hit Blitz

Lime Hits 4 U

Mustang Traffic

Pistol-Packing-Mama TE

Racecourse Hits

Skyscraper Surf

Traffic Dodgems

Traffic Deluge

Warrior’s TE

Xchange Traffic


That’s it for the Traffic Exchanges. All the ones above were verified as of April 25th as taking Fire-Pay.

If you are a Traffic Exchange Owner and you take Fire-Pay as a payment method and you’d like to be on the list, please use my contact form to reach out to me.

Mailers\Safelists Using Fire-Pay

If you use Mailers or safelists, here’s a list of Mailers that take Fire-Pay for their credit purchases or upgrades.

Just like the traffic exchanges, I’ve listed the Mailers that I recommend near the top, and the remainder are in alphabetical order.

Prospect Geyser Co-Op

Genie Mailer

Echo Traffic Mailer

Elite Marketer’s Club

Internet Biz Strategies

Jackpot Mailer

List Vapor Mailer

Love My Adz

Love My Promos

Massive Traffic List

Paid Viral Mailer

Rooftop Mailer

Warrior Viral Mailer

Remember that if you are using any of the mailers above, you can expect to receive lots of emails.

Mailers work like traffic exchanges, but via email. You read other offers sent to you via email, and in exchange you earn credits that you can spend to send your email offer to others. Nifty!

Tip: If you want to know whether certain mailers are active, the most reliable method I’ve found is to set up an account, then use Google’s label functionality to sort the emails into respective folders.

Then, you can judge how active the membership of a certain mailer is over time by looking at how many emails you receive.

This may tell you the number of mails that other members send out, but won’t help you know how responsive others may be to your offer when you send your own emails.

For that, you’ll just need to track your results and send emails to your lists and verify your results.

Here’s an example screenshot of some mailers I use and the number of mails I’ve received:

Other Resources Leveraging Fire-Pay

Here’s a list of additional resources that use Fire-Pay. This includes downline builders, educational sites, etc.

Cash Track Bar

Cash Track bar allows you to track your sites or ads. They charge a flat lifetime rate of $7, with no monthly membership costs. You can track up to 10 websites, per their FAQ.

CLB Learning

CLB Learning

Contact List Builder, owned by Janet Legere, offers the following, per the site itself: “Contact List Builder is a mentoring and training solution for marketers of all stripes and colors, offline and on, who are tired of the long road to success and are looking for a shorter surer path.”

Final Thoughts and Take-away

I really apprecciate the fact that I can earn CTP credits via proper curation on our network, then use those credits to upgrade in exchanges and mailers.

This speeds up my online marketing efforts, since I truly don’t have time to click all day.

If you are a program owner and you accept Fire-Pay and you’re not listed here, please use my contact form to reach out to me.

I am not an owner\operator of any of the programs above.

I AM an end-user who has paid for upgrades in several of the above programs. As with any advertising or online purchases, please do your homework.

You can also reach out to me if you have any questions about any off the above resources, and I’ll assist however I can.


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