Day 1 of #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge.

Wow! What a day. Today was the launch of CTP’s #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge. In a nutshell, this challenge plunges us into 30 days of simple steps using 3 tools created by It’s an smart way for the CTP Tribe (a sizeable group of us) to see if our online business can be in better shape … Read more

Assess Your Business: Keep What Works and Ditch the Rest

Self-assessment of your business efforts is one of the more difficult yet rewarding tasks you’ll ever do. Brutal Honesty is required. Learn how to…. Keep What Works and Ditch the Rest When it comes to building an online business, I’m surprised at the frequency that I see people make decisions based on emotions. Yes, we … Read more

How To Interpret Your Web Tracker Stats Like a Pro

Glad you’re here reading this! In my last training on using web trackers I discussed LeadsLeap, a great link tracker that helps you understand who is sending you traffic and where your conversions are coming from. LeadsLeap isn’t specifically a tracking service, but their tracker is excellent, and should be used by anyone wanting to … Read more