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Talking to a fellow follower (CTP’er) in the Telegram channel, I said:

“… the thing I’ve learned about ctp is that it’s a really good platform to give you ‘guard rails’ when you start that keep you on the right track, but with the freedom to do what you want.”


That’s what I love about There’s great tools and guardrails, but with enough freedom to really stretch your wings and try to create something exciting. After that conversation on Telegram, this blog post was a result. Here’s my take on why rocks.

New Marketer? CTP keeps you safe.

People who are new to affiliate marketing have a difficult time knowing where to start. There is just too much to learn and so many shiny distractions.

I was overloaded at first, as most new marketers are. I needed training that was in small bite-size pieces. I found that in CTP.

There’s a ton of training to consume, and honestly Jon Olson’s voice isn’t that bad to listen to in the videos. (I had to poke a little fun, Jon.)

CTP’s training is supplemented by the tremendous support and availability on both Discord and Telegram. If you don’t understand something from the training, the person who created it is most likely available to help. I have been floored at the availability of the CTP staff and their friendliness. You don’t find this in other places.

The training and the CTP folks really act as good ‘guard rails’ for new marketers.

Need something to market? They got you, fam.

Being new to affiliate marketing also means you’re bombarded with different things you can sell via affiliate links.

With CTP, they give you some easy choices. I’ve observed that one of the overarching themes you will find throughout their great video training is:

Try something, but use your brain.

As a member of CTP I’m an affiliate of theirs and personally use their links and funnels.

There’s two main funnels that are provided, and both are quite good for two different types of new folks..

Funnel 1: StartEarning.Today – For People new to Earning Online
The StartEarning.Today funnel helps those completely new to earning online. Billed as “4 Steps and 15 minutes is all you need to start earning today.” It’s not a joke.

The funnel consists of a few tools to help newbies get started, and it works. You won’t be breaking the bank with some of these, but you WILL earn with them. Most importantly, people who use this LEARN how to put the rudimentary pieces together. It’s a good first step into the arena of online marketing.

For many people, that’s what they need: to see SOMETHING positive, no matter how small the start is.

There’s a selection of tools that are part of this funnel. People that use this method sign up for these four programs and use them to start earning today (literally.)

  • – a basic bitcoin ‘faucet’ where you can earn a few satoshi and stock them up.
  • Brave Browser – Earn rewards for ad notifications and paid via Brave rewards.
  • PreSearch – Earn PRE tokens from searching.
  • ClickTrackProfit – The best part of the funnel. Learn to earn.

Funnel 2: – For People new to Hive Blockchain
For those new to the Hive blockchain, and how to earn cryptocurrency via content creation. there’s the TheHiveGuide. It’s a straightforward video-led funnel that helps people learn the ropes of getting started on the blockchain.

In my opinion, this is sorely needed. I was fairly competent at writing when I went back into online marketing. My start into online marketing happened years ago when I wrote an e-book and sold it online. I was comfortable with the online part.

However, I didn’t know much at all about these new tools that were blockchain-backed and allowed the earning of crypto. I researched, learned by doing, and asked questions.

CTP helped me understand Hive. I am so grateful for that.

Here’s an ad I placed on my new adcardz site. It’s one of the ways I’ve branched out thanks to CTP.

Want to do your own thing? No problem!

There’s a lot of training programs out there where you have to follow a specific recipe down to the nth degree. There’s only one problem with this method: everyone who goes through the training are all competing with each other AND they all produce websites or offers that look the same.

Instead, CTP give you the overarching tools you need to succeed:

  • Mentorship on your ideas. This is huge, and I mean it. I value the opinions of the guys running CTP because of their success.
  • Lead capture pages to promote your OWN mailing list
  • Funnels to help build your referrals
  • LOTS of training in a variety of online disciplines (autoresponders, content marketing, blogging, crypto, etc.)
  • Form-saver to save your online forms for your autoresponder so you can use them on your lead capture pages
  • The Gauntlet – a great tool to get feedback on your ideas.

The important part is that what you build with these tools is up to you.

Take the ideas from CTP and apply them to any discipline or idea you have.

One obvious example is my dad jokes website,

I have followed the advice of folks from CTP and built up a nice website with my mailing list, and social following, all around dad jokes.

Whatever your passion is, there’s definitely something CTP can offer to help you grow your own brand.

Consistency is one of the cornerstones of CTP.

Basics are Still the Same, no matter your path.

Whether you decide to promote some of the tried and true products or services or go your own way, there’s a ‘meta’-level plan that CTP promotes:

Build your own brand, and build your own list.

Those two ‘meta’ ideas are communicated constantly throughout CTP and really help to guide you in your online business development. The training they have is focused on these two concepts.

If you build your brand, people will know you and recognize you. Then when they are in need of knowledge, services, or a product, they will be more likely to purchase from you rather than someone they don’t know.

Building your own list is said so often online it’s become trite.

Yet this is one area where I think CTP really shines.

CTP WANTS you to build your own list. The advice is everywhere, and the tools you need to grow your list are built-in to CTP:

  • Lead Capture Pages – You can create your own lead capture pages, then split test them.
  • The Gauntlet – Use the Gauntlet they have to get real critiques and criticism of your lead capture pages before going live.
  • Get Traffic – Their training covers a wide variety of social media, content marketing, blogging, Hive, etc. where you can start getting traffic.
  • Additional Tools: Luke the ListBuilder, and a whole lot more.

Using some of these tried and true methods, CTP really helps you to learn the ropes and grow your own business via brand building and list building, whether that’s for new marketers or seasoned entrepreneurs.

I am an upgraded member at CTP to get the most out of my marketing efforts.

Why I am a pro member of CTP

I like the fact that my lead capture pages I’ve made on CTP have added hundreds of people to my mailing list. Following their advice I’ve started to build my dad joke brand, as well as promoting my other two websites ( and

The cost of pro membership is quite reasonable, especially considering the high quality training, mentorship, tools, funnels, advice, mentorship, and friendships to be made.

I can’t say enough good things about CTP, and I hope this blog in some small way helps you in your online journey.

Peace and Love,


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