How To Use Traffic Exchanges the Right Way

In some of my previous posts, I’ve covered stats, trackers, safelists, banner ads, and text ads.

Now let’s talk about one of the easiest traffic delivery methods: traffic exchanges.

Specifically let’s discuss How to Use Traffic Exchanges the Right Way.

Ready? Let’s go!

Don’t Use Plain Affiliate Links in an Exchange.

One of the most common mistakes I see with people just starting out with traffic exchanges is the promotion of Affiliate URLs instead of building their own list.

I imagine you’ve heard it said that you are more likely to get someone to purchase from you if they have seen your message or offer at least 7 times. This sales adage really holds true for affiliate marketing.

The more someone sees your offer, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

How is it even possible for people to see your offer multiple times when you are promoting an affiliate url on an exchange? It’s not, realistically.

They may see the same offer or affiliate URL, but it may be from another affiliate of the same program, especially if you are using a generic splash page provided by the affiliate program.

By just using an affiliate URL in a traffic exchange you are merely HOPING that someone is going to see the ad in the exchange, click on it, and then make a purchase.

That’s extraordinarily rare, and you are wasting your ad credits on the exchange if this is what you’re doing. Stop. Learn the RIGHT way, which is….

Your Best Bet is to Build Your Own List.


Once someone is on your list, you can consistently reach out to them with YOUR message, which dramatically increases the likelihood that they will purchase from you.

This is because people purchase items online from those they know, like and trust.

I will cover list-building in a more complete manner in another email. (Impatient? You can also go through the list-building training at )

For now just know that your best bet to make money online with traffic exchanges and mailers is through building your own list.

You MUST work on Building Your Own List

This is critical to your long-term success. By sending your traffic you earn on an exchange to your own list, you’re building trust with others.

When people sign up to your list, they are YOURs, not someone else’s. You see, when someone signs up with their email, that action implies that they trust you.

Therefore you can being building on that trust by providing quality information to them.

Then, when someone has been on your list and received multiple emails from you, they are much more likely to purchase a product or service that you recommend.

What do you promote in a Traffic Exchange to get sign-ups Your own list?

Use Lead Capture Pages!

This is what works and what you will hear from many people who are actually earning an income online. (I am one of them and this works for me.)

For example, here are two screenshots of two different Lead Capture Pages that I use in the Traffic Exchanges in order to gain subscribers:

Example 1. Notice the headline.
Example 2. EXACT same body with a different headline

If you need to make your own Lead Capture pages, I use and recommend for Lead Capture Pages. These work great and are VERY consistent.

Notice how I do this: I am appealing directly to those who use traffic exchanges.

In other words, I am tailoring my lead capture page directly to the audience of who is reading my page: traffic exchange users.

People who use traffic exchanges are doing so to get people to see their own ad or website. Tha’ts a fact.

So I leverage that, and since my mailing list teaches people how to use such low-cost methods to gain traffic, I am able to build credibility AND get a good sign up rate because my lead capture pages are directly appealing to traffic exchange users.

Traffic Exchange users are surfing to get traffic (human eyeballs) reading their offer. IE: They build up credits by surfing and spend those credits to get visitors to their OWN website.

What I offer is help people to increase their results when they use traffic exchanges.

It’s not enough to just create ONE sign up page and send traffic to that one page. Instead, you must split test.

What is Split Testing and Why Does it Matter?

I will be covering this in a more complete manner in a future email, but in a nutshell:

Split testing is sending your traffic to two versions of a lead capture page, and tracking the results to see which page performs better.

One of the best ways to split test is by using the same basic layout, but with two separate and unique headlines at the top of the page.

In the example screenshots above, you can see that the pages themselves were identical, and the only difference are the headlines.

Page A Headline: No Results From Your Surfing?
Page B Headline: Clicking and Clicking with No Results?

The rest of both pages are identical.

So then I promote a rotator URL in the traffic exchange, which sends some visitors to Page A and some visitors to Page B. (You can get a free rotator at

Over time, I am then able to determine which headline outperforms the other.

I then keep the best page, and create another LCP to split test, and repeat the process.

Imagine in my Example that Headline A was shown 500 times and had 20 signups. Then inagine Headline B was shown the same 500 times yet only received 10 signups.

In this case, I keep the page with Headline A, and write a new lead capture headline to replace Headline B and keep testing.

Keep the best and dump the rest.

That in a nutshell is how you gain subscribers to an email list, and continuously test to see which headlines work best.

I have used that same process and have come up with some highly effective headlines that gain me new subscribers regularly.

I hope this article has helped you in some small way to understand how you can realistically improve your traffic exchange results while growing your own mailing list.

Any other method is leaving money on the table long-term.

I’d LOVE to hear what you thought about this. Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you though about this article.

ONE Final Request: Check out Prosperity Marketing System.

It’s no secret that building your own list is critical. I use Prosperity Marketing System’s funnel to grow my own subscriber list, since it ties directly in to my GetResponse Auto-responder.



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  1. Honestly…I know for a fact the 6 figure earners use the ‘Split Testing’ method and they wouldn’t do it any other way especially when they go on to ‘Paid Advertising’…I thought this article was simple yet dealt with the essentials on how a beginner should adopt good practice towards their daily IM routine…


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