How to Leverage Banner Ads and Text Ads on Traffic Exchanges in 2020

When it comes to using traffic exchanges and mailers, there’s more than just surfing and clicking.

To be honest, the more ‘skin’ I have invested in my online business, the less I surf. I started out surfing quite a bit, but now I spend my time writing and making content.

Yes, I still need my pages seen in the traffic exchanges, because it’s such a targeted audience to what I am offering.

However, I’ve upgraded in several exchanges and mailers as I’ve begun making money, so therefore I can surf less, and create more content. Win-Win.

I see people who surf daily for credits, but there are other options that are available that can be used as a long-term strategy to bring people to your offer or site

These options include:

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Login Ads

Let’s go over these individually. Before we do, let me reiterate: This is a LONG TERM plan, and not something that you do to see a huge influx overnight..

Banner ads shown on a local service for one of my affiliate programs. It all ads up.

Leverage Your Traffic Exchange Banner Impressions

Take a look at that image above.

That shows not only the impressions (ad views) I have received at ONE site (David Hurley’s wonderful EliteDownlineBuilder), but also shows the number of click-throughs on my ads I’ve received.

Let me be clear: I do not have my own banner graphic for … not YET anyway.

I have my own site, yes, but I am not good at making banners. I suck at making graphics in general.

Therefore I promote a banner for my Prosperity Marketing System funnel, which DOES tie in to my email list and signs people up to my email list if they try it out. That’s a win.

In the image above, you can see that I received clicks on my Prosperity Marketing System banner ads. Yeah, banner ads.

Not only that, but my click through rate is phenomenal. That’s because I matched up my offer to the audience David has built at EliteDownlineBuilder.

The graphic I use is this one:

Many Traffic Exchange users don’t bother setting up their banners, maybe because they just want to surf, or maybe because they don’t have one of their own.

I’m was in the same boat.

You can’t let that stop you. It’s worth doing.

Most Traffic Exchanges offer not only the main traffic exchange, but also the ability to have your banner ads and text ads seen.

I personally recommend NOT using credits directly for banners. By this I mean surfing up credits and then using those credits to exchange for banner ad impressions. I get a much better return on investment from showing people my lead capture page for my credits from my surfing than banner ads.

Instead, many exchanges offer bonus banner impressions for surfing 25 or 50 pages or as random rewards. Over time, these build up.

Use THESE for showing banners, not your main credits.

By doing this I have amassed a number of people who have viewed my Prosperity Marketing System funnel, and this works.

Use Traffic Exchange Text Ads in a similar way.

Traffic Exchanges and mailers usually have Text Ads just under the banner displays in the surf bar, or in another conspicuous place on their exchange.

I use these slightly different than banner ads. Since my lead capture page and mailing list is about how to generate traffic, leads, and use them effectively, my email newsletter is perfectly suited for traffic exchange surfers.

Therefore, with text ads, I use something similar to:

“Not Getting Good Results? Click Here.”

Something similar to that gets people wondering about whether their results in the traffic exchanges are good enough, and they click the link which leads them to my lead capture page which looks like this:

Notice this Lead capture page is targeted to traffic exchange users. I made this one on CTP. 🙂

In my example LCP above I am offering the exchange user a tool to help their results.

Granted, I could send these folks to Prosperity Marketing System as well, but realistically I am wanting to build my mailing list.

The above text link method works.

Login Ads Are a Real Gem because of the Targeted Market They Represent

Finally, there’s login ads. These are gold. Here’s why.

The folks who use traffic exchanges and mailers all have this in common: they want more traffic to their offer.

If you can offer them something that helps them get more leads or more traffic to their offer, then you have the right message for a very specific audience.

Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers often have ‘login ads’ which are interstitial pages that are shown before the user is able to access the service.

On other words, a user logs in, and has to view and ad before they can access the traffic exchange or mailer.

These are high motivated users. They’re logging in to a service to work on promoting their business by surfing, reading emails, or sending emails. They are all about results, and are taking action.

This is great for you, because those people are motivated when they see your offer.

By leveragng login ads, you can get your offer directly in front of a motivated marketer’s eyes. Don’t waste this opportunity.

The prices for these login ads are typically quite cheap, and the price I see is per day. As an example, you can pay $2.50 in some mailers for a day’s login ad.

Every member who logs in for the 24 hour period will see your offer.

Using these three methods (two ‘free’ and one paid) you can increase your efficiency when using traffic exchanges and mailers.

Folks, this isn’t a game or hobby. It’s a business.

Use these tools to drive more people to your own offer or website and it’s a win for you.

Take advantage of the banner ads, text ads, and login ads that are available to you and take your business to the next level. While others are just viewing pages on an exchange, you’re maximizing your advertising efficiency.

That’s it for today. I hope this helped in some way. If you have experience using any of these methods (banner ads, text ads, login ads), I’d love to hear from you below.

Please leave a comment and let me know your experience using these.

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