How to Keep Going with Your Online Business when You Feel Like Giving Up

Everyone hits the wall. Here’s some tips to help you keep going. -Rob

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Today’s Tip: Keeping the Course… How to Keep Going When You Don’t Want to Work on Your Business.

It happens. Everyone hits ‘The Wall’….

You know what I mean: that feeling where you just don’t want to work on your online business.

Well be encouraged. It happens to everyone, me included.

I’ve got a few good tips and resources to help you combat this, so keep reading.

Consistency Is the New Currency

It’s called “Consistency is the New Currency”, and it’s aimed at the 80% of people that just can’t seem to consistently work towards a goal. That may be you (after all… it applies to 4 out of 5 people, scientifically).

There are a couple of core takeaways from this book that I’d love to share with you.

First, you need to take a step back and decide to take ONE goal and to work at it differently.

Let me explain how:

Instead of setting a normal goal, such as “I will write 50 blog posts for my site”, or “I will work until I grow my email list to 500 people”, you think differently.

Think about your online business. Think of ONE TASK you can do daily that would mean the world to you and would help propel your business.

For me, it’s writing auto-responder emails (like this one). [Note, if you are reading this on my blog, it was initially written as an email – Rob]

Write what’s called an “ER” goal.

That’s a direction that you take define using an “ER” word: better, faster, harder, easier, etc.

Here’s an example goal that I would use:

I want to write better emails for my autoresponder”.

Define a specific steps to make that ‘direction’ a reality.

Here’s an example:

Today, I will write or edit my autoresponder series for 20 minutes.

That’s it. It’s a concrete step with a definite ending that I can repeat day after day.

This entire concept is based on an example by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He decided that to be a better comedian, he would work on writing a joke a day… EVERY day.

To track the DAILY part of his plan, he would mark an ‘X’ on his calendar for that day ONLY if he actualy wrote a joke that day.

Then instead of setting some crazy goal like “I will write 1000 jokes”, he simply decided that he would NOT BREAK the chain of ‘X’s he was drawing on his calendar.

In other words, he would simply work in the direction of writing a joke, every day. When he wrote one, he would put an X on his calendar. Then he decided in his mind to not break the chain of X’s.

Sounds simple and it is. I’ve started doing this with sections of my life that I need to take better control over.

Back to my example….

I wanted to write more emails for my autoresponder.

Whether I wrote an entire email each day or not didn’t matter. You see, I was so busy with other parts of my online business that sometimes I would push off the writing I needed to do, and I would say “I’ll do that tomorrow”.

Instead, tomorrow never came.

The next day I would tell myself the same thing: I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into two days, then three, then a week. Pretty soon I was unhappy with the state of my auto-responders, so I wouldn’t want to write ANY emails because I hadn’t done so in quite a while.

When I put the ‘Don’t Break The Chain’ thought into action so I would work in a direction consistently day after day, magical things began happening…..

I started to write. Every. Day.

I was so excited about this, and it wasn’t just some motivation I was talking myself into. It was MOMENTUM.

I would like to encourage you to do the same thing. Let me give you the shortened version:

Assess your online business and pick an area where you know you can improve.


  • Become a friendlier person on social media.
  • Write better blog article.

^ Notice that I defined those using ‘ER’ words: friendlier, better, etc.

This is the DIRECTION you want to improve in.

Don’t think of it as a goal. Consider it as a direction.

Define the concrete step or motion you want to take each day in the right DIRECTION you defined in Step 1.


– I will comment on one person’s Social Media account per day.
– I will write on my blog for at least 20 minutes per day.

Notice that those are definitive and items that you can easily track to make sure you do them.

Don’t focus on tomorrow or next week or next month.

Just focus on doing the concrete step from #2 EACH day. TODAY. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

On your calendar, or some other way that you track your goals, write an X for each day that you complete the task.

This isn’t optional. You want to mark an X on your calendar so you have something you can look at to see your daily progress. This will help build momentum. Seeing a large number of X’s on your calendar on those days works to keep you focused and is a reminder that this is now something you do dialy.

Do NOT break the chain.

This is the key. Each day, make sure you do the tast that you defined in step 2. This will mean you are writing an ‘X’ on your calendar for that day.

This works. It’s momentum. You won’t have to ‘motivate’ yourself over and over to do something. You will be building long-term habits that will help you succeed.

That’s it.

This works. I’ve used this same technique to create dad joke videos with my son every day for 60 days now. (You can find my dad jokes here:)

I’ve also started working on my autoresponder emails every single day, and it’s working there too. The fact that you are reading this is proof that I am writing daily. 🙂

Follow me on Twitter, then use #DoNotBreakTheChain when you are working on your business. 🙂 This works. Be sure to tag me.

I would encourage you to do ONE MORE THING…

Follow me on Twitter.

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Then, when you are successful in doing your daily items and you put an X on your calendar, write a tweet about it, use the hashtag #DoNotBreakTheChain, and tag me in it. 🙂

I’d love to see you succeed with these simple steps.

That’s it for today’s email. With the steps above, you now have a plan you can use to move your online business in the right direction one task at a time.

And remember: #DoNotBreakTheChain. 🙂

Peace and Love,


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