How Can I Help You Grow Your Business?

Thank you for coming by my site. It’s a real honor for me.

I’ve made my career in IT helping people accomplish their goals and overcome their problems for almost 20 years. Today is no different. 🙂

I am a real fan of LeadsLeap as you can tell by my posts here on my blog…. so much so that I like working with each component and I understand how to use it to its full potential.

If you have a problem or need help with your online business, such as:

  • Writing a series of emails for your autoresponder or list,
  • Writing a blog article or sales page,
  • Understanding LeadsLeap PPC ads and how to implement them on your site,
  • Setting up a basic funnel to increase your subscriber base,
  • Configuring your WordPress blog Menu so it works well for your visitors,
  • Working with, developing, and growing an email mailing list,
  • Using the LeadsLeap PopUpXpert tool to create the appropriate Opt-in Form
  • Developing the right Tracker URLs, Rotators, and Ad Bars to get the most out of advertising

I’d love to help you overcome your hurdles and take your online business and email marketing to the next level.

A Great Quote from Kenneth, the creator of LeadsLeap

I’m such a fan of LeadsLeap that I use their service every day. I wrote a couple of blog posts with videos about it, and Kenneth Koh the owner of LeadsLeap liked them and sent an email to his email list talking about my videos:

Screenshot of Kenneth's email to his subscriber list about my videos
From the May 26th 2020 LeadsLeap Blog Newsletter
Subject: [Blog] How this member uses Trckapp — Smart!

How great is that! I’m confident that I can help you with your LeadsLeap autoresponder, tracking, ad rotation, etc. 🙂

Here’s a testimonial from Karalee Johnson, one of my clients. I helped her with setting up a custom funnel.

My name is Karalee Johnson. 

Today, Rob helped my to do a Lead Capture Page and a Thank You Page for an online business that  I am doing.  This business offers splash pages. I wanted to make a page where I could capture my leads email address.

When working online, it is important to communicate with your leads and referrals. It shows that you care about them.  Rob did that with me in teaching me how to set a thank you page.  He was patient with me and showed me by using screen share exactly what to do and how to do it.

He also took the time to explain for example why the Lead Capture Page and Thank you page should use the same background.

Getting help from Rob, will be the investment in yourself. 

Karalee Johnson.

If you’d like to use my expertise to grow your business, reach out to me using the form below and I’ll be glad to reply back.

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