Earn Money Online in 2020 with LeadsLeap

If I Can Earn Money Online in 2020, So Can You

If you’re here, it means that you’ve signed up for my list and clicked the link to set up your own LeadsLeap splash page to earn money online in 2020.

Thank you for making it this far! I can tell you’re an action taker.

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You can definitely earn money with LeadsLeap. I do. 🙂

I have investigated the LeadsLeap product thoroughly and I’m an upgraded Professional user. I use their system for all of my URL tracking, split testing with their rotator, and I use all of the methods described below.

I wouldn’t give a recommendation for something I don’t use myself.

If I can do it, so can you.

Four Ways You Can Earn Money with LeadsLeap

There are essentially four ways that you can use LeadsLeap to earn an income. I use all four and they do work. I’ve used all four methods and earned cash with all of them. They are:

  • Refer others to use LeadsLeap and Earn Affiliate Commissions on their upgrades. This is the most lucrative way to earn.
  • Use LeadsLeap’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Widget on your website\funnel to earn cash. Don’t worry. I’ll discuss this in-depth below.
  • Leverage LeadsLeaps’s Credit Encachment System and earn a small amount selling your credits back to LeadLeap.
  • Get their Daily Active Bonus by viewing at least 10 ads and qualify for your share of the Bonus.

I’ll cover each one for you below.

First, let’s talk about how you will be earning with LeadsLeap.

Example of a $13.50 commission I earned from someone who signed up under me.

LeadsLeap Pays Commissions for Referring Others who Upgrade

It’s true, you don’t need to upgrade in LeadsLeap in order to earn money with LeadsLeap. You can use their free offering. It’s one of the best around.

Yet the real profit comes from upgrading and referring others who also upgrade in the LeadsLeap system.

Why? Because of the payout amounts.

If you are a free member, LeadsLeap pays you 25% commission for each referral who upgrades. This means when someone signs up to LeadsLeap and then upgrades to the Pro level, you earn 25% of that as a free member.

If you’re a Pro member, LeadsLeap pays you 50% for each referral. That’s a significant increase, (double) and worth the investment to upgrade. I highly recommend it.

It’s definitely worth it, considering the amount of additional advertising and perks you get as a pro member.

Yes, you can continue as a free member of LeadsLeap. Later on, when you begin earning cash through them, you can upgrade when it makes sense for you financially.


Use LeadsLeap’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Widget to Earn Cash

This one is a big winner. Here’s how it works:

LeadsLeap developed a simple system that allows you to show a small block of ads on your site, funnel, or splash page. When someone clicks on one of those ads, you earn ad credits and Pay-Per-Click earnings. These earnings are paid out every Friday. It’s similar to Google Ads, but I really like the payouts and simplicity of their system.

Per their website:

1) You can participate in our PPC program whether you have your own website or not.

2) You will earn Ad Credits, in addition to PPC income.

3) Your PPC earning is calculated weekly on every Friday. The earning per click depends on our earnings and the quality of the traffic.

Important Note: Only non-member visitors are eligible for PPC earnings. You are not allowed to click the ads in your own ad widget and tracked links.

– From the LeadsLeap website.

I use this method because people may not be interested in LeadsLeap, but they may be interested in the ad offers….

That way, you have a chance to pick up a little cash from someone clicking on an ad instead of having the visitor leave your page and click on nothing.

This is a double-edged tactic. You may occasionally have someone click on an ad without actually signing up for LeadsLeap. Thus there’s a slight chance this would leave money on the table.

Our goal is to increase revenue, and I consider this an acceptable risk.

It’s quite easy to use the LeadsLeap PPC widget. If you follow my video instructions, you’ll have LeadsLeap PPC Widget installed in less than a minute. Easy.

When your page is viewed by a visitor you earn Ad credits AND PPC earnings. This adds up and can be lucrative.

Here’s the Encashment System page shortly after I encashed 50 credits.

Leverage LeadsLeaps’s Credit Encashment System

In a nutshell, the LeadsLeap encashment system allows you to sell ad credits back to LeadsLeap. This is primarily an offering for people who work up numerous credits, but don’t have their own site to advertise.

I don’t use this part of their system much since I always have something to advertise, and need my credits.

For this article, I turned off all my ads and allowed credits to build up so I could use the credit encashment system.

Considering that it takes a minimum of 50 credits to ‘encash’ and I use my credits up quickly with my ads I show, it took me a little while to get enough credits to use their encashment option. I recorded the entire process, and plan on a follow up article on how the encashment option works.

As advertised, their system swapped my 50 credits for a small amount of cash.

Per their website:

“The encashed value varies depending on the amount of credits you are encashing. Basically the more credits you encash, the lesser the encash value per credit. Hence we encourage you to encash as soon as you can.”

With the above statement and the limitation of one encashment per day, this is something I won’t often use, but it IS available.

As for why LeadsLeap would offer the Encashment option, their website states:

Why do we buy back credits?

Some members have nothing to advertise. If we don’t allow them to encash it, they will use the credits to post any kind of ads. This will degrade the quality of the ads in our network. We would rather pay these members and save the ad space for other members who have something good to offer.

LeadsLeap Encashment Official Docs

I think it’s refreshing to see that there’s a site that offers ads that truly cares about the quality of advertising on the site.

LeadsLeap also has ratings on the ads that are show, offered by the users of their system. Therefore, if your ad stinks, the community will let you know, and your ad won’t be seen on the main portions of the site, per their algorithm.

It’s self-policing, which is refreshing.

Since I don’t build up credits but use them naturally as I am awarded them, I typically don’t have enough credit to encash them, so I don’t normally use this option. It’s there if you need it though.

Daily Activity Bonus Added to My Account Daily. #winning.

The Daily Activity Bonus is a Winner

While the credit encashment is one I’ve rarely used, I do take advantage of the Daily Activity Bonus, due to the low threshold to gain the bonus and the 10% paid to Pro Members. Free members earn 5%.

One of the requirements for the Daily Activity Bonus is you must view at least 10 ads for that day.

Since I use LeadsLeap for tracking all my web traffic (yes, they do tracking too…. See my blog and video called “How To Track Your Web Traffic Like a Pro” on how the LeadsLeap tracking works), I login to their site every day to view my tracking stats.

That makes it easy for me to also view the minimum number of ads (10) that I need to earn the Daily Activity Bonus.

While it’s not a large amount, it adds up.

I recommend the Daily Activity Bonus over the encashment option. It seems easier and more natural to use this method to earn cash from LeadsLeap.

Now that you’re familiar with the 4 ways to earn cash with LeadsLeap, it’s time to set up your LeadsLeap account.

Let’s get started. 🙂

Verify Your LeadsLeap Account or Sign Up

Obviously, you need a LeadsLeap account. 🙂

Sign up for LeadsLeap here.

Now that your’e signed up, keep reading! I have some rock-solid recommendations for you to help you get the free traffic you need to succeed.

Congratulations! You’re now have your own LeadsLeap account. Wonderful!

Now there’s only one more items you need: Get traffic to your new LeadsLeap affiliate ID

You see, earning income from your affiliate ID for LeadsLeap only works when you have people actually visiting your affiliate URL 🙂

At this point it’s simply a numbers game. With LeadsLeap you have the perfect tool set up to earn money online in 2020.

Don’t worry! I have several recommendations for you to use to drive traffic to your site. I regularly use these free traffic exchanges and mailers:

Free Traffic Resources that Work

These Traffic Exchanges are a great place to get additional people to see your own LeadsLeap splash page. I use these regularly:

Here’s some additional traffic resources that I use regularly. These viral mailers and safelists perform well. I track every hit I get, and these are the top performers in my book:

Have Issues Setting Up LeadsLeap?

Finally, If you run into any trouble, just reach out to me via my contact page and I’ll be glad to assist however I can.

Enjoy LeadsLeap! I wish you much success! Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how your LeadsLeap affiliate URL is working. I’d love to hear from you, and what you think about how to earn income in 2020 with LeadsLeap. 🙂


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  1. Hey Rob,

    Great information here. I was deciding on whether or not to use Adsense on my website, but this service seems a lot more better suited. I’ll save this article and look into it more when I have the time. Thank you for posting this!

    Peace & Positivity,

    • Joshua,

      Thanks for the comment. LeadsLeap has made some great features that really stand out in the online advertising\autoresponder world. This method works, and is completely above board. I am glad to use this to help increase my bottom line.

      Thanks Joshua.


    • Melissa,

      Sounds good. LeadsLeap is a stable site that has been on the net for over a decade. I trust them with one of my autoresponder lists and ALL of my tracking links.


  2. Thank you, for all the details if it wouldn’t of been for you I would of skipped it as a scam. I hope more people are going to join this journey for success.

    • Nataliya,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, LeadsLeap is a solid service available for free. It involves tracking, autoresponder, ad services, etc. I use them heavily and have really grown my list through their services. I upgraded to a PRO member because of that.


  3. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Rob! Congratulations on creating your own money-making system (that’s a huge accomplishment)! I hadn’t heard of LeadsLeap before now, but you have done a fabulous job of explaining what it is, what it entails, and how we can make money from it! I feel like I have a good grasp of what it is now. Great read! God bless you!

    • C.N.,

      Thanks for the response. I am trying to make sure everyone understands the miscellaneous ways you can leverage LeadsLeap to increase your income in 2020. It works. 🙂


  4. Thanks, Rob for the helpful article. I also look forward to your emails.

    What you are doing by helping others is exactly what prospective marketers need to learn when it comes to, not only building a list, but making oneself so people like, trust and, yes, love you also!

    Simply watching you in action is learning as readers follow you by taking action! I must say, “well done!”


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