Curating Content on Crypto-backed blogging platforms pays – LITERALLY

I am a member of the relatively active’s Telegram group. There’s a substantial number of regular posters in that channel.

Yesterday someone posted that they weren’t active when it comes to posting\curating new content on cryptocurrency-backed sites like PeakD.

One of our other members (Russell) rightly responded that you don’t have to be someone who writes large posts to add value to the blockchain.

You can make a difference just by liking and commenting.


While I am a fast writer, enjoy writing longer posts, and can church out some material relatively fast, it must be noted that many of us who can write prolifically often do so BECAUSE of the likes and comments we receive.

Take a look at the following:

Likes and Comments Oh my!

That’s screenshot is from my usage of PeakD, and while I am not tooting my own horn, it shows that you CAN be active without writing large posts.

Don’t like to write? Videos work well too.

I have a new favorite passion: recording dad joke videos for my dad joke website,

My son and I have been recording short (less than 30 second) jokes on my phone and uploading them to 3Speak.Online.

We’ve done this for 18 days straight at this point. It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort, but adds quite a bit of value to the blockchain, and to my own brand on my dad site since people love our videos.

To be fair, I do ‘double-dip’ and post my video on YouTube, 3Speak, then blast it onto my big 3 Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Yet the most immediate return on investment I’ve seen on these dad joke videos has been from the #funny community on Peakd, and on my personal PeakD blog.

Much of the Hive I’ve earned on the blockchain has come from these videos.

Just because you might not be a prolific writer doesn’t mean you can’t contribute via video. It works too.

Want to see some of my joke videos on 3Speak?

Try this URL: 🙂 I’ve been tagging all of my dad joke videos recently with a hashtag no one else uses (#dadjoke) which makes them easy to find.

Don’t like to write? Don’t like videos? Post ANYTHING of value.

OK, so there’s lots of ways to contribute.

The decentralized apps available on the blockchain are growing, and you could contribute here by recording audio and making a podcast, snapping photos and uploading them to peakD, etc.

The point is, it’s the creation of quality content on here that wins.

Even if you’re not a writer, contribute in other ways. Like other posts. Comment on them. CURATE. It works.

I’m not wealthy from doing this, but the CTP Tokens and Hive are adding up. And to me, that’s only half of it.

The real value come from the relationships I’ve created on the Hive Blockchain. These folks in #ctp are gold.

Even if I never earned a single $HIVE posting on here, it would be worth it just for the friendships I’ve made. How can you put a price on that?

That’s it for today.

If you liked my post, share the love with likes and comments. Let’s make the Hive Blockchain, (and #CTPTalk \ #CTP in particular) something epic that we can all be proud of.

Peace and Love,


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