Best Internet Marketing Tools of 2020

When I engage with other marketers and prospects, I’m often asked what tools I use to grow my own business.

My strategy is fairly straightforward and so are the Internet Marketing Tools I use. There’s nothing fancy or magical in this list. It just takes effort. Here’s the list of the Best Internet Marketing Tools of 2020 that I use, broken down by category:

  • Advertising “Must Haves”
  • Email, Autoresponder, and List-Building Recommendations
  • Proper Web Hosting
  • Training for the Rest of Us
  • Misc Business Tools that I use Daily

There’s no single site that has the ‘magic pill’ for my success.

I just work at my site and email list daily, and spend my time helping other people succeed. It works.

OK, here’s what I use to succeed online:

An example LeadsLeap chart. Their tracking is superb.

Advertising “Must Haves”

First and foremost, you need to have a way bring potential clients or visitors to your offer or website. In the online world, we call that traffic.

Without traffic, your website or online offer is a ghost town.

There’s plenty of ways to get traffic, such as blogging, SEO Optimization, using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists, Link exchanges, Social Media posting (this one is great), etc.

For me, I use several resources. I do advertise online, and I use both paid and free traffic with the following:

I use a couple of paid resources, and I find that paid web traffic in general ‘outperforms’ free traffic with a couple of exceptions.

Some of these are actual traffic purchases, and others are upgrades in sites to a ‘pro’ level, making it paid traffic in a sense.

Rob G.s TrafficLeads2Income Viral Mailer is a great source of traffic with the Co-Op they offer.
  1. – Yeah, this site kicks butt. I have a hard time finding other places that send me quality traffic.
  2. – I upgraded in this site and it was well worth it.
  5. Rob Gehring’s TL2IVM Traffic Co-Op

Free Traffic Sources:

There’s a myriad of free traffic exchanges and mailers that I use sporadically to reach people that may not be in my paid resources.

I won’t list all the free resources here, since I already have a blog post that lists them. See my “Traffic Resources Leverage Fire Pay” Blog Post.

Emails, Autoresponders, and List-building Recommendations

Any tool in this section leverages email. I am a firm believer in growing my own brand and email sign-ups. Otherwise, when people come by, they may never come back, and I’ve lost the ability to reach out to them again. (If you want to sign up for my mailing list, click here. Opens in a new window.)


An Autoresponder is a software or service that will automatically follow up with a pre-written sequence of emails to those signed up on your list. I use three different autoresponders. (I have a reason for using three which I will write about later.)

The three I recommend are:

I use all of those in different capacities and they work.

List-Building Recommendations

I primarily build my list using this method: On my website and on my lead capture pages, I have a sign up form which allows people to sign up to my mailing list. I then promote my website or lead capture page and follow up with those who sign up to my list.

Here’s the resources I use to grow my list:

Prosperity marketing System Without a doubt this is one of my best ‘go to’ resources to help me grow my own list. Prosperity Marketing System has a lead capture page with a built in spot for video, which converts well. (That means that people who see the page sign up frequently.) I also have Prosperity Marketing System tied in to my GetResponse email list. This means people that sign up for Prosperity Marketing System are added to my list. Nice! – I will cover this resource more in-depth in the training section, but I use them for my lead capture pages. These are pages that encourage people to sign up to my mailing list. A proper Lead Capture Page (LCP) has no other option that a user can take to leave the page except to sign up. This maximizes conversion. ClickTrackProfit’s Lead Capture Pages are very easy to make and are some of the highest converting pages I’ve ever made, except for the Prosperity Marketing System pages. – Referral Frenzy allows you to organize and send your emails to all of your mailers and safelists from one location, and includes bonus credits for using their system, which maximizes the efficiency of sending out your offers via email. I highly recommend this, since it saves you a TON of time when it comes to sending out emails to mailers and safelists.

Safelists and Viral Mailers – I have several Safelists and viral mailer recommendations already on this page, so I don’t see the reason to duplicate it here. Read my Traffic Resources post and you will see the mailers I recommend.

Proper Web Hosting

I have used several Web Hosting companies throughout my career in online marketing. Currently, my best recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, if you are doing WordPress blogging. Their managed WordPress blog web hosting is some of the best in the world.

Couple that with the training you receive from all of their other resources, and Wealthy Affiliate is a win. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate on and off for years, and their system is top-notch. I can’t recommend it highly enough. They are a rarity in Internet Marketing – it’s training and hosting from a company that completely over delivers.

Training for the Rest of Us

Training is a passion of mine. I’ve been a technical trainer and course ware developer in my past, so I know the value of proper training.

There are only two sites that I recommend for your training needs, since it covers such a wide swath of internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate

Yeah, I know. I listed them under Web Hosting, but they really deserve to be in the training section. Wealthy Affiliate has some of the best Internet Marketing training that I have ever seen.

Their idea is quite simple: Come up with a niche idea, develop a website\blog around that idea, send traffic to that site, and make recommendations for products on the site.

It’s a four step process that works quite well. I have used their methods over the years and it is a solid way to bring in an income. The big way they recommend getting traffic is through Google and the search engines. In essence, they teach people how to reach for ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords, and write blog posts about those.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, and I use their system and training every day. It’s my ‘go to’ for training.

A close second is ‘Click Track Profit’, or CTP.

CTP is one of the friendliest groups of marketers I have ever found online. Their website is jammed full of training, and Jon Olson (one of the owners) creates a great sequence of training videos on a wide variety of topics that every internet marketer needs.

They also are a very tight-knit group of marketers, have a robust Telegram and Discord channel, and support each other in their efforts.

In my opinion what makes CTP unique is their promotion and use of the Hive blockchain. They recommend that blogging and content creation be done on the Hive blockchain, which earns content creators and curators crytpocurrency in the form of Hive tokens.

I regularly contribute my content to the Hive blockchain, and have earned around $150 worth of crypto currency from the blockchain. I am not getting ‘rich’ off of my methods, but I definitely recognize that over time the use of the blockchain compounds your earnings.

I definitely recommend CTP and their tools. It’s a win-win with their combo of training and community. Can’t go wrong with them.

I recommend using Elite Downline Builder as well.

Other business tools I use

I spend a good deal of time writing and working on emails and tools In order to keep up with it all, here’s some of the other tools that I use on a daily basis. David Hurley’s Elite Downline builder is a great resource for traffic, and has a wonderful downline builder. I regulary get traffic to my Prosperity Marketing System from David’s site and I highly recommend it. David is a nice guy as well. 🙂 – Trello is a ‘kan ban’-style system that allows you to keep track of tasks via ‘cards’. You write each task on a card and track where you are with your miscellaneous tasks and projects. I definitely recommend this, since it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the items you have to keep up with when you are working online. – Making calls and scheduling time with people on the internet can be difficult, especially since I work with people around the world. I use so that I can properly schedule meetings and phone calls with people and know what their local timezone is compared to mine. This is indispensable.

Sublime Text – Quite possibly the best text editor in the world. I write a lot. A LOT. When I used other editors, my eyes would often get tired due to the white or glaring background. I now use a custom theme with Sublime text and it has helped my eye strain considerably. Their editor is packed with features, and I definitely recommend their text editor. (Yeah, I know I am probably going to get trolled by the Notepad++ users out there, but it’s a chance I am willing to take.)


That’s it in a nutshell. Some of those recommendations are paid, and some are free. My typical budget for my online business is around $250 per month, including advertising.

I’d like to hear from you. Do YOU have a recommendation for a tool that you use in your online business that I didn’t list above? If so, post it below as a comment and let’s start talking.


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