Curating Content on Crypto-backed blogging platforms pays – LITERALLY

I am a member of the relatively active’s Telegram group. There’s a substantial number of regular posters in that channel. Yesterday someone posted that they weren’t active when it comes to posting\curating new content on cryptocurrency-backed sites like PeakD. One of our other members (Russell) rightly responded that you don’t have to be someone … Read more

Traffic Resources Leverage Fire-Pay

We all need more traffic to our website or offer, right? Not to fret! I’ve created a list of traffic exchanges, mailers, and other resources where Fire-Pay can be used to make payment. This rocks since Fire-Pay allows you to pay with a myriad of crypto-currencies, such as: CTP Token <— This is the one … Read more

Case Study Part 3 – Get Social

Today’s case study update is all about Social Media, and how to properly get your name out there. Here’s how I did it, and what my stats are across the board on all my Social Media. I’ll establish a baseline now so later posts can show the growth\shrink over time. First, here’s the stats on … Read more