Why Being The Tortoise is Better Than the Hare

For the past several weeks I have been working on the emails for my autoresponder\mailing list. I’ve tracked my results, worked on improving my content, and tried to grow my email list into something worthwhile – making it better day by day. Each day by tracking and analyzing what works, I’ve been able to ‘tweak’ … Read more

Assess Your Business: Keep What Works and Ditch the Rest

Self-assessment of your business efforts is one of the more difficult yet rewarding tasks you’ll ever do. Brutal Honesty is required. Learn how to…. Keep What Works and Ditch the Rest When it comes to building an online business, I’m surprised at the frequency that I see people make decisions based on emotions. Yes, we … Read more

How To Use Traffic Exchanges the Right Way

In some of my previous posts, I’ve covered stats, trackers, safelists, banner ads, and text ads. Now let’s talk about one of the easiest traffic delivery methods: traffic exchanges. Specifically let’s discuss How to Use Traffic Exchanges the Right Way. Ready? Let’s go! Don’t Use Plain Affiliate Links in an Exchange. One of the most common … Read more